Clean a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

It’s indeed a fact that dirt will start to accumulate on your memory foam topper for mattresses. This stands to reason since it’s exposed to dirt and is used often by the owner. Keeping your memory foam mattress topper clean will aid you to restore its quality.

Memory foam mattresses are unique devices, which have been in the market for a quite a while. They can offer users with countless of improved and health sleeping benefits. It’s not like other mattress toppers available such as wool or latex that can you clean easily. It requires you to have a bit knowledge, patience and time for you to clean it and get it smelling like new. Therefore, we provide you tricks and tips on how to properly clean your memory foam mattress toppers.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to keep cleanliness for your memory foam is through regular vacuuming. With the help of a handheld vacuum is the ideal option for the best amount of control. You can get rid of and wash the blend cover, which fits the memory foam mattress before vacuuming. Just be certain to vacuum every surface of the memory foam including the edges.


If a stain does get on your memory foam topper, don’t utilize commercial products with harsh chemicals like ammonia or beach. Not just are these chemicals are harsh, but they will also destroy the interior and the material of your memory foam. Here’s the thing you’ll need throughout the process:

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is an ideal common product, which can aid get rid of stains. You just need to put water and you can spot clean your memory foam.


  • White Vinegar

White vinegar can be utilized to spot clean the nasty regions on the mattress topper. Simply grab some white vinegar and dilute with a small amount of water. Make use of a cloth to wash the area with the water and vinegar solution until the stain is eliminated.


  • Detergent

Standard laundry detergent can be utilized to get your mattress topper clean again. Just ensure you’re not utilizing a low-quality washing liquid or detergent so that your topper will not lose its features and appearance.

Washing it With Water

You can wash your topper with water. Ensure you spread the topper uniformly on a flat surface with no bumps below it. Wash it carefully with cold water and don’t utilize hot water as this can damage your mattress topper.

Then, roll the topper inwards and press it lightly to get rid of excess water. However, don’t tumble dry or squeeze the mattress topper. Leave it to dry under the shade with enough air flowing over it.

Important Things to Consider When Cleaning your Mattress Topper

Ensure you dry your memory foam before putting it back on your mattress. If you found any moisture left inside the topper this will result in mildew.

If you’re utilizing a hair dryer, ensure you keep the distance and have the settings in low temperature. High heat will ruin the surface cells of the mattress topper.

Don’t utilize hydrogen peroxide directly on the surface as it can ruin the color and texture of the memory foam.

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Choose the Perfect Duvet Cover Set for Your Bedroom

Homeowners always take great care of the look and design of their bedrooms. Who does not like their bedroom to look great besides feeling comfortable? Fortunately, homeowners have a long list of options to choose from in terms of style, colours and designs on duvet cover set.

These trends provide their bedrooms with relaxation, comfort and luxury. To ensure that your bedroom has these qualities, it is important to decide on the right duvet covers. You need to find the right cover that can effectively enhance the overall look of your bedroom’s design.

To help you find the right choice, this article gives you pointers and tips. Your bedroom is your personal space. Thus, it only makes sense that you choose the bedding that it is not only comfortable but one that appeals to your taste. Read below to find out how to do that.

Take a Look at Overall Bedroom Design

To start, look at your bedroom’s overall design. The colour of the walls, carpet, and flooring of your bedroom will affect the choice you make. The same is with the materials of the furniture inside your room.

Your bed and other bedroom furniture may be made of wood, the most common material. It may be that you strayed from the usual and used a leather platform bed, or it could be of a metal frame. Whatever the design of your bedroom, consider them to choose the bedding that blends well with it.

Know Your Style and Preferences

Before choosing the colour of your duvet, did you already decide your preferred style? If you have not decided what style you prefer and you begin shopping, the colour of duvet you buy might not suit. Of course, knowing your duvet style does not mean you cannot combine the colour you want.

All it takes is a bit of mix and match. At the same time, you can use your favourite colour of bedding to add a bit of hue to your bedroom. You can use it and combine with sheets or pillow that acts as an accent to your bed’s overall look.

Deciding on Colour and Style of Duvet Covers

When choosing the perfect duvet cover, you need to decide two things – the colour and the style. You can choose from many colours and white is the most popular choice. This is especially so if you are looking to beautify a bedroom with darker designs.

For a bedroom that has a modern and minimalistic design, bright coloured duvet covers are a great choice. It is especially great if the room has plenty of lots of white. With these choices for duvet covers, you can add a splash of colour to your room.

Be Careful With Material

No matter where you plan to buy your duvet cover – store or online – pay extra great attention to the material. For duvet cover, the most popular choice of material is cotton. This material is greatly advantageous since it breathes.

Additionally, cotton feels warm during winter and cool during summer. If you choose cotton for your duvet, know that it has a choice of thread counts. In terms of that, the most luxurious type of cotton is the Egyptian cotton. Choose the material that is comfortable but within your budget.

Size is a Very Important Consideration

When choosing the duvet cover for your bedroom, size is one of the most important things to consider. You have to know what size of duvet fits your bed, whether it is a single or double-sized or queen or king-sized.

Before committing to purchase a bedding cover, you need to make sure it is the same size as your own duvet. With that, go and measure your duvet first. Do not skip this before buying your new duvet cover or you might buy the one that is not the right size.


When you order your bedding, you may also want to include some accessories. There are many kinds of accessories to include in a duvet cover. For one, you can also buy cushions that blend with your cover. You may also want a throw to add some hotel-inspired finish.


In choosing the perfect duvet cover, the final decision rests with your budget. The duvet covers available in the market greatly differ on each other in price depending on the material, size and thread count. Once you considered the above factors, see if it fits your budget before you buy.

TV Stands – Television Furniture without sacrificing quality or design

Are you looking for a good piece of tv stand? If you are, make sure to find one that is inexpensive and good but does not sacrifice design or quality. Most people think that inexpensive television furniture equals to poor craftsmanship.

This is not true at all, at least for most of the time. If you look hard enough or if you are lucky, you can find good quality television with great discounts. The television furniture is the core of your home’s media centre.

In choosing the one, it gets a bit overwhelming seeing there are many options. It is even more difficult to find the one that does not cost a lot. Seeing that you have countless options, how do you find the one that suits your style and electronics well?

How You Will Use Your TV

Another of the important aspects of choosing the right television furniture is how you will use it. Together with your electronics, your viewing habits play an important role in finding the TV stand that works for you. To help you with that, here are a few things to know:

  • Movie Lover

If you love watching movies, your needs include space for your DVD player and shelves for your movies. In that case, avoid TV stands with drawers and narrow storage. Choose those that have shelves and has an open design so you have enough space for your extra electronics.

  • Gamer

If you are a gamer, you need a TV stand with storage for your games, consoles, and controllers. To choose the perfect furniture, avoid those that have many doors and closed backs. Ideal features include tall compartments and drawer storage.

  • Designer

As a designer, you want TV furniture that looks attractive and uses quality materials. The best feature for this TV furniture includes an attractive finish. You would want to avoid furniture that has lacklustre colour and construction.

Consider Your Equipment

The largest factor that affects what television furniture to choose is the size of your TV along with the number of components you have. There are exceptions but TVs usually look great if it rests on a furniture that at least is as big as it is.

If you choose too big, your TV may look small when compared. When you choose the TV furniture, you also need to think about the components you will house on it. This includes the soundbar, speaker, media storage or subwoofer.

Just like when choosing TV furniture, chose those with open spaces for these components. This way, there is enough space for growth. In terms of smaller components, you can save space if you stack them. However, do not stack components that usually generate lots of heat.

The Right Design for TV Furniture Matters

When it comes to TV furniture, the design always matters. Note, however, that design is not just about good-looking TV furniture. A TV furniture with great design one that looks great even when the system is off. At the same time, it also matters that it works flawlessly when you turn the system on.

Consider the Location of the Furniture

Where do you plan to place the furniture? Do you plan to put it in a corner or along the wall? The location where you want to place the furniture also matters in choosing the best TV furniture. If the room has small space, corner media cabinets are a smart choice.

Do you plan on sitting on a sofa, be at your desk or lying on your bed when you watch TV? These things are important to know when you choose your TV furniture. This is to ensure that the centre of the screen is at your eye level for minimized neck strain.

TV Furniture’s Media Features

You should know that TV furniture does more than just house your TV and other electronics. When choosing television furniture, make sure to choose a well-made one with complete features. Moreover, your furniture must be one you are sure to last.

Television furniture that looks great should not sacrifice quality. It should offer you an enjoyment that can last a lifetime. To look for that perfect furniture, choose features such as adjustability, durability, media storage, cable management and ventilation.

These are all the things you should consider when looking for television furniture that does not sacrifice the quality and design. When you shop, remember these things to make sure you can choose the one that does not only look great but long lasting as well.